Get specialised medical care for your patients online -Chilfemtech center AI telehealth platform

Chil femtech center partners with clinics/schools like yours that can't afford to employ doctors, run modern laboratories or pharmacies.We offer you all these resources on a pay per user model.

Let your patients experience real time,professional healthcare at the comfort of your healthcare facility


We want to give you capacity to treat any disease regardless of where your facility is located

24/7 Telehealth Care for All

You are assured that our e-doctors are available 24/7.Just chat for an appointment with one of our 177 General doctors,54 specialists in and out of the country. We take pride in having the biggest E-doctors network in MEA.

Connected Healthcare Network

Signing up for our services means signing up for membership to a network of over 1030 partner health facilities.All these are connected under one roof Keti and you can just share resources with any of the partner health facility.

AI Assistant, Keti

All our services are AI guided and our AI assistant is there to help you navigate the services.Our assistant allows your patients get personalised treatment options auto generated by Keti.

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Democratising Healthcare for Everyone.


We dream of a planet where those in the rural areas can have access to same services as those in cities.We dream of a planet where patients from developing countries have access to same services as patients from first class countries .This is why we use a hub and spoke telemedicine model to extend services to the excluded populations in Africa and Middle East.

Who We Are

Empowering your health facility offer the best for your patients

We do believe that if your health facility is to offer value for money for your patients, it needs not to just offer video conferencing with a doctor .Our platform is compatible to more than 18 telemedicine devices and this helps our doctors to not only speak to a patient but to view and assess the patients vitals in real time

  • 24/7 Access to Care: 24/7 access to care.Our tele health platform allows patients at your facility to have access to services of E-consultation,E- pharmacy,E-laboratory and E- referral.
  • Network of specialists:Telemedicine should bolster healthcare with specialized care. Our specialists are licensed to serve your patients wordwide.
  • Seamless Healthcare Experience: Our platform enables your facility to access any needed service from nearby facilities. No need to worry about lacking specific tests. Just chat, and nearby labs will provide the service.
  • AI-powered Assistant: Keti, our friendly AI assistant, is here to guide you through every step, from registering, scheduling appointments to answering your questions.
  • Patient follow up: We are the only telemedicine company in Africa and Middle East that combines the power of AI and human touch to enable seamless Patient follow up 24/7.
  • Patient privacy: We ensure patient record confidentiality using advanced AI technology for added security, providing secure access to medical records.

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Do you have a patient that requires emergency care?

Patients may present themselves with medical conditions that require further management.You need not to stress looking for where to refer a patient,just go to keti and have a patient referred to either our own hospital or partner hospital near you.

Keti AI can help you get that much needed connections to an E-doctor on behalf of your patient right away.